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Alberta Park Nordic Skiing

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Did the Winter Olympics awaken the Nordic skier in you? Nordic skiing is a great low-impact, full body workout. There’s a reason Nordic skiers have the highest VO2 max of all athletes, but if you wanted an additional challenge, try skiing above 10,000 feet! Wolf Creek Ski Area provides free access to miles of consistently groomed nordic trails in Alberta Park. Alberta Park is a large meadow the sits at 10,400 feet and offers fantastic view of the Continental Divide.

The trails area can be accessed from the far east end of the ski area parking areas (Alberta Lot or the Tranquility Lot). Ski down “A-Way” to the Alberta Lift or take a cat track from the Tranquility Lot. Either way, it’s a fast and steep descent down to the Alberta Lift so be careful if you’re a beginner. And remember, you'll have to climb your way back up to your car when you’re done so save some energy. The area may not be the best place to ski with young kids for this reason - they will have to make the climb back to the car with tired legs. The meadow can be chilly as winds spill over the Continental Divide. Depending upon the snow conditions, Wolf Creek may groom a 10K loop that takes you to Alberta Reservoir and back. Wolf Creek has yet to connect the loop in 2018, but you can still access the frozen reservoir as an out and back destination. Check Wolf Creek's website for grooming information or the Pagosa Nordic Club's grooming report. Bust a lung out there!

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