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There is no shortage of worthy peaks in the Southern San Juan Mountains, but none of them have official trails to their summits.  Most of the peaks surrounding Pagosa Springs are between 12,000 and 13,000 feet, with the exception of Summit Peak (13,307 ft), which is the highest point in Archuleta County.  Most of the summits on the skyline are day hikes and do not require ropes, but they do require above average navigation skills.

Before you go, always check the National Weather Service forecast for Wolf Creek Pass.  If there's a chance of thunderstorms,  try to be off the summit by 11 AM, which means START EARLY!

Don't attempt to summit a mountain unless you're acclimated or in great shape.  Bring a map, compass, water filter, plenty of food, and rain gear.

Hike, Climb Pagosa Peak

Pagosa Peak

12,680 feet, 3.6 miles, 2450-foot gain 

The most prominent point on the northern skyline will eventually beckon you!

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