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  • Josh Kurz
    Jul 21

    Trail Name (#): Last Updated - Conditions/notes Anderson (579) : 6/12/19 - 1st 3 miles are clear Blanco River (573): Buckles and Harris Lake: Cimarrona (586) : 7/27/19 - one tree between TH and the the junction with Hossick Creek Trail Coal Creek: clear to wilderness both ends Crater Lake (562): 8/21/19 - 2 trees near halfway point Divide Lakes (539) : 6/27/19 - clear to lakes East Fork Weminuche (659): 6/27/19 - 1st 0.5 miles clear, then huge avalanche Falls Creek (673): Fish Creek (575): 6/8/19 - opal/fish to wilderness Fish Lake (574) : 7/20/19 - upper sections presumably buried in avalanche debris Fourmile (569) : 6/27/19 - clear to Fourmile Falls Hossick (585) : 7/27/19 - clear except one short section buried by avalanche debris (impassible to stock) Hossick Lake (602) : 7/27/19 - clear Indian Creek (588): 8/4/19 - clear to Palisade Meadows Leche Creek (576): 6/20/19 - clear Little Blanco (572) : Little Sand (591): Middle Fork (589) : Navajo Peak (577): 6/20/19 - clear Opal Lake (564) : 6/7/19 - clear Pagosa Peak (n/a) : 7/20/19 - around 100 trees in the 1st mile (to the saddle) Palisade Meadows (651): 8/4/19 disappears when it crosses the meadow near the junction with Indian Creek. Great shape to the CDT. Piedra (596): 6/20/19 - clear to Davis from south Piedra Falls (671): 6/1/19 - clear Quartz Creek (571): Quartz Lake (568) : 8/7/19 - one short snowfield remains Quartz Ridge (570): Shaw Creek (584): Treasure Falls: Treasure Mountain Trail (565): Turkey Creek (580) : 8/18/19 - 3 small trees between TH and lake (great shape) V Rock: 6/20/19 - clear Weminuche (592) : 6/11/19 - clear West Fork (561): 6/4/19 - 1st 4.5 miles is clear, then massive avalanche debris, impassible by stock Williams Creek (587): 8/4/19 - clear to Williams Lake and the CDT Windy Pass (566): 6/19/19 - clear from Windy Pass and Treasure Mountain junction 0.5 miles
  • Josh Kurz
    Sep 22

    Fourmile Trail to is clear to the Fourmile Falls, stream crossings aren't bad. Opal Lake Trail is clear to Opal Lake, stream crossings aren't bad. Weminuche Trail is clear at least 10 miles in, East Fork of the Weminuche Creek is running high but there is a log jam just downstream that will get you across with care. Divide Lakes is clear to the lake. West Fork Trail is clear until 4.5 miles, at which point the trail is buried under tremendous avalanche debris. Lower Treasure Trail is open from the East Fork Valley, but the upper trailhead is inaccessible since Wolf Creek Road is still closed.
  • Josh Kurz
    Jun 25

    All of the local forest service roads are open at this time with the exception of Wolf Creek Road (FR725), Falls Creek Road (FR039), and East Fork Road (FR667), which is closed at mile 6 due to high water crossings (Silver Falls is not accessible). Trails with river crossings are still difficult due to high water. Snow drifts and downed timber cover the spruce/fir forest trails above 10,000 feet. Trails in the ponderosa pine and mixed conifer are dry.
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