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Breaking Trail in Turkey Springs

What do you do when there's not enough snow to cross country ski and too much for trail running? Fat biking is a versatile way to enjoy the forest during a good or bad snow year.

During a normal snow year, there's a groomed loop designated for fat bikes at the Turkey Springs trailhead, but this year we haven't had anything to groom. Either you have to head to Wolf Creek Pass and ride a snow mobile trail, or pedal the shallow snow on the low elevation trails. The most recent storm (1/20/18) dropped about 4 inches of light powder in the Turkey Springs Area and created a brief reminder of what winter look is supposed to look like.

The snowpack muted the rocky trails, making for a gentler ride, but there's more rolling resistance, making for a tougher workout. Riding slower provides more time to take in the views while still maintaining a decent heart rate. It's a challenge blasting downhill through shallow powder while trying not to fish-tail!

Already, warm temperatures have melted patches in the sunny spots, but there's plenty of white stuff in the shade. Better enjoy the snow while it lasts!

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