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Enjoy Your Reward for Enduring the Eternal Winter!

I know, I's snowing again. But it's the greenest spring that I can remember in 20 years and nice weather is arriving just in time for the weekend! To keep your spirits elevated, and to motivate you to get out and enjoy the abundant beauty that the excessive moisture has resurrected, here are some shots from the local trails that I've taken so far this spring (if you click on them, a trail guide will open).

I love this exact time of year because the oak, aspen, and cottonwoods are budding, which adds a light hue of green that only lasts about a week. You may also be able to catch the remaining glacier lilies, which are my favorite flower in the ponderosa pine forest. There are a bunch of glacier lilies along upper Gopher Trail near the junction with Turkey Springs trail.

There are still wet, muddy spots remaining on the trails, but it's not as muddy as I thought (I ran the Coyote Hill Loop tonight and it wasn't that bad). Trails are not ready for mountain bikes. For a full list of area hikes, go to:

Boulder Trail

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