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Treasure Mountain near Pagosa Springs

  • Rating: Short but strenuous

  • Distance: 1-mile round trip

  • Elevation

    • Trailhead: 11250 feet​

    • Summit: 11900 feet

    • Gain: 650 feet

  • Road Status: Wolf Creek Road (FR725)

  • Route (no trail)

  • Trailhead directions: (25 miles northeast of downtown Pagosa Springs)

    • Google maps can't get you all the way to the trailhead - see the details in the write-up below 

  • Start EARLY! Check the weather forecast for Wolf Creek Pass.  If there's a chance for thunderstorms, plan on being off the summit by at least 11 AM!

Located 25 miles northeast of Pagosa Springs, Treasure Mountain offers the best mountain top views around for the least amount of effort.  To the north is the Continental Divide and Wolf Creek Ski Area, and you can see almost all of the East Fork Valley, and parts of the West Fork Valley as well.  Downtown Pagosa Springs is also visible toward the southeast. 


Treasure Mountain is easily accessed from Wolf Creek Road (FR725), which is located near the top of Wolf Creek Pass.  Initially, the road is in good shape but deteriorates quickly so 4WD is needed.  After 1.9 miles of dirt, take a right on FR725C and bounce another 2.6 miles to its end near the trailhead for Treasure Mountain Trail.  Google Maps might not take you all the way to the trailhead so continue until the road ends.  You will need to hike that last 100 yards up to Treasure Mountain Trail sign. 


Rather than taking the Treasure Mountain trail down into the East Fork Valley, veer southeast into the forest and then climb northeast to the top of the steep grassy ridge.  The grassy ridge leads north to the summit block which has a variety of broken ledges that can act like stairs leading to the top.  The footing is loose in spots and there can be a bit of exposure depending upon the route that you choose.  All sides of Treasure Mountain are climbable without huge exposure.  The view from the top is one of my favorites!  To return to your vehicle head down the same way you came up.


If you want a bigger challenge, start at the Lower Treasure Mountain trailhead in the East Fork Valley and gain 3700 feet over the 6.7-mile climb!  For trail runners, it's a great way to get a sustained climb at elevation.      

Treasure Mountian
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